alti Watermark

WordPress Plugin


This plugin allows to add a watermark on the images uploaded.

It applies the watermark on new images as well as images already uploaded.
By deactivating the plugin, the watermark will be removed everywhere.

What makes this plugin a really powerful one, is that the watermark is placed on your images through a htaccess and php file. This means your images are actually not modified. You can still download them from your FTP, and they will not have any watermark.

The watermark is only visible if you try to download the images from a web browser.

You have to know that :
* you need to be able to create a htaccess file in your uploads directory.
* you need the GD library.


Can I remove watermark after it was added ?

YES, you can ! The watermark is applied in a way that doesn’t modify your original picture. By deactivating the plugin, the watermark will be removed everywhere.

How can I add watermark to pictures that were uploaded before the plugin was installed?

Once the plugin is activated, the watermark will be applied in all your pictures following the settings you chose previously.

I deactivated the plugin, but the watermarks don’t go away, what to do ?

Most of time, it’s a problem of cache.
Please, try to empty your web browser cache. If you have a plugin for cache, empty it also. That should fix the issue.
If these two solutions don’t work, I recommand to remove the htaccess file in your uploads directory.

How to remove properly the watermark ?

The best way to remove the plugin is to deactivate and then uninstall it through WordPress administration panel.
If the watermark are still visible on the images or your images are still broken, they are different explainations (and solutions) :

1. Do you use a cache plugin for WordPress ?
If so, empty it or regenerate it. And try to load your images again.

2. Does your server have a cache solution ? 
If so, empty it. If you are not able to empty it, contact your host for more information. Anyway the problem will be solved by itself once the cache is renewed automatically. (Could be every minutes or every months depending on your host settings).
Try to load your images to check if the situation is better.

3. Remove manually the .htaccess file
If none of the options above worked, please go to your FTP and look for the .htaccess file in the uploads directory (ie: wp-content/uploads/) and remove it.
If you don’t find the .htaccess file, make sure your FTP software lets you see the hidden files. For Filezilla, you have to select the «Server» menu and then «Force showing Hidden Files». Then remove the .htaccess file.
As soon as you remove the .htaccess file, the watermark is longer applied on images. Remember, your images are never modified. If none of the options above worked, no worries, it’s a question of time, leave a comment in this same page with your url website and describe what is the issue.


Error codes Index

Code 001 :
The plugin cannot work without the Rewrite Apache Module.
It means that your webhost doesn’t support url rewriting. You have to activate yourself this module through the webhost administration panel or ask the administrator for more information.
More information about Rewrite Apache Module.

Code 002 :
The PHP GD Library to manipulate images has not been found on your server.
This library is used in a lot of cases, even by the WordPress core. So you should definitly activate this module or install it. You have to activate yourself this module through the webhost administration panel or ask the administrator for more information.
More information about PHP GD Library.

Code 003 :
Impossible to get the image formats setting.
This setting is store in the htaccess file itself. If this setting is no available, it seems that the htaccess file has been modified, deleted or not readable. Check the file permissions on this file.
More informations about file permissions.

Code 004 :
Impossible to create or modified the htaccess file.
You should check the file permissions of the uploads folder and the htaccess file.
More informations about file permissions.

Code 005 :
Watermark cannot be uploaded because it is not a valid image file.
The file yoou choosed as a watermark is not valid. You have to use an image file like jpg, png or gif.

Code 006 :
Impossible to upload and/or generate the watermark image.
The file yoou choosed as a watermark is not valid. You have to use an image file like jpg, png or gif.

Code 061 :
Impossible to upload and/or generate the watermark image.
The file yoou choosed as a watermark is not valid. The specific png format you uploaded is not accepted, try other png formats.

Code 007 :
You have to choose at least one image format. The fullsize has been set per default.
Apparently you unchcked all image formats.The plugin needs to be applied at least on one format, the default format is fullsize.If you want to deactivate the plugin, please go in the plugins section in your WordPress adminisration  panel and deactivate the alti Watermark plugin.

Code 008 :
Impossible to create the folder needed to store the watermark image. Please change the file permissions in order to let the plugin works.
More informations about file permissions.

Code 009 :
Impossible to create the folder needed to store the watermark image. Please change the file permissions in order to let the plugin works.
More informations about file permissions.

Code 010 :
The previous htaccess file couldn’t be renamed.
You apparently already have an htaccess in your uploads directory. But it couldn’t be renamed into a temporary name, in order to let the Watermark plugin creates its own htaccess. You should check why you have already an htaccess and why it is impossible to rename it.

Code 011 :
Your uploads directory seems to be customized. It uses path that is not supported or not valid. The plugin will not work properly.
If you use a custom path for your uploads, it seems that the plugin couldn’t process correctly. It will not work and you will experience some issues. It is not recommanded to use special caracters like «../». If you are decided to make this plugin works you’ll have to edit manually the path to reach the file the apply the watermark.


  1. g33kg0dd3ss
    2017-03-25 04:22:00
    Hi Alexis! Recently this plugin has stopped working for me. I'm seeing the same behavior that Warhangel did: When Watermark is activated, the images in posts become broken, and trying to view the image file directly results in a 500 error. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted the .htaccess file, and checked for incompatibility with ALL of the other plugins I'm using alongside Watermark on a handful of sites. Watermark is the sole cause of the problem on each of them. My site is in English, so there are no crazy characters in the filenames to blame. There isn't any common factor that I can find between the sites that would trip the plugin up and cause it to break images (like using "0" to denote auto width or height in my media settings). You can see the affected images on one of my unfinished sites here: . Here's my .htaccess in /wp-content/uploads : # BEGIN alti-watermark Plugin RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f RewriteRule ^(.*(-150x150|-300x([d]+)|-768x([d]+)|-604x([d]+)|(-150x150).jpg|.*(?<!-dxd)(?<!-ddxd)(?<!-dxdd)(?<!-ddxdd)(?<!-dddxdd)(?<!-ddxddd)(?<!-dddxddd)(?<!-ddddxddd)(?<!-ddddxdd)(?<!-dddxdddd)(?<!-ddddxdddd)(?<!-ddddxddd)(?<!-ddddxdd)(?<!-dddddxddddd).jpg){1}((?|&)([^.? ]+))*$ ../plugins/alti-watermark/public/views/alti-watermark-public-bridge.php?imageRequested=$1 [PT] # [date=2017-03-25 02:58.36] [php=5.5.22] [width=150x150|300x0|768x0|604x0|150x150|fullsize] [plugin_name=alti-watermark] [version=alti-watermark] # END alti-watermark Plugin Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. alticreation
    2017-03-25 11:28:00
    Hello, could you try to install the previous version 0.3.1 and check if it works for you ? You can find it following the link below and tell me how is it going for you ! Thanks, and apologizes for your bugs... (click on 0.3.1)
  3. g33kg0dd3ss
    2017-03-25 16:12:00
    Ok, I tried something crazy and removed this line from my theme's functions.php file, since it was the only thing related to generating images: set_post_thumbnail_size( 150, 150, true ); ...And that seems to have resolved the 500 error. The "Plugin Error" message is now the only thing I'm seeing when I select any number or combination of images sizes to watermark.
  4. g33kg0dd3ss
    2017-03-25 15:58:00
    I tried the past versions back to 0.3, and all seem to behave the same way. :( (I'm using WP 4.7.3, by the way, and I've disabled all other plugins.) After a lot of testing with different Watermark settings combinations, I sometimes get an error when trying to view an image directly: "Plugin Error. Url requested is not a valid image," but other times I get the 500 error. Here's what I observed so far, using 0.3.2: When I select only ONE option -- any size -- in the Watermark settings, I get the "Plugin Error" message for that particular image size. Right now, it looks like when I select more than one image size to watermark, viewing any of those image sizes throws the 500 error. I'll keep poking around, but does that info help narrow down the problem at all?
  5. Gangadhar A
    2017-03-21 16:44:00
    Hi Plugin is not working with my website . Please help me. There is no erroe message.
  6. alticreation
    2017-03-21 17:14:00
    Hello, did you have the plugin before the last update 0.3.2 (from last sunday) ? And did it work before ? Or you just installed it and it is not working ?
  7. Shahd Elshami
    2017-02-20 22:08:00
    failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
  8. Herman
    2017-01-25 06:24:00
    i test on my web: this plugin not work and after upload pic does't show preview watermark
  9. Chris Sheppard
    2016-12-12 22:45:00
    If you are having issue with pictures not showing after deleting the plugin, try deleting the .htaccess file from /public_html/yoursite/wp-content/uploads/.
  10. Antonios Krinis
    2016-07-27 16:05:00
    Hello, which lines of code I must have on my htaccess file ?
  11. sam
    2016-07-22 23:15:00
    Hi everything works great. Just one problem. I don't want the image on my thumbnails for my galleries (plus it appears rather large on them too). Any suggestions on this? I was hoping that the setting (not to use thumbnail) would work but it does not seem too be.) thanks
  12. Furkan Canöz
    2016-06-20 23:17:00
    hi, I get an error :(
  13. Ellen Manning
    2016-05-30 18:33:00
    Hi, I love this plugin and I definitely don't want to remove it, but I have one blog post where I want to upload pictures without a watermark. I only want to do it this once - is there a way?
  14. alticreation
    2016-05-30 19:44:00
    Hello Ellen, I'm sorry, but so far, there is no such feature :( Maybe I could find a solution for you that would be to add an exception in the htaccess rule. Is there a pattern that your image name will have and that will be different frome any other images in your website ?
  15. Ellen Manning
    2016-05-30 20:06:00
    Ha, I'm not very good with the technical stuff. Do you mean if I name the images a specific way you would be able to do something so the watermark doesn't show on them? It's literally just the images on a certain blog post that I have been supplied with rather than using my own, so I don't want my watermark on them.
  16. Jaime
    2016-05-24 20:24:00
    I didn't work for me, and I'm still trying to get it out of some images. Help!
  17. José Luis Aragón
    2016-03-08 18:36:00
    Hi: Please, when you have the premium version we are interested!!! Good job! (tres bon boulot, felicitations!) José Luis Aragón, Malaga, Spain
  18. Maciej
    2016-02-15 18:18:00
    Thank you for great plugin. I just want to add my voice for excluding some adresses from being watermarked. For example homepage, contact, and so on. An option to exclude it in media library would be also very good. Thanks for your hard work. Best regards!
  19. DeShark
    2016-01-28 17:03:00
    I just migrated a site and the plug in is not working. It does not allow the larger image to be displayed. If I disable the plugin, the images appear. How can I find out what the source of this issue is?
  20. Giovanni
    2016-01-02 14:01:00
    This page: see also the watermark on the thumbnails, this should not be there, how can I fix? Thank you, Giovanni
  21. Ryan Christopher Smith
    2015-11-11 01:51:00
    How can we disable watermarks on the featured images?
  22. EkDor
    2015-10-05 06:25:00
    How do I stop your plugin using a lower quality compression on my images? I have one of the sites use no compression at all. e.g. WP doesn't modify the compression on upload or rebuild. But when the browser renders the images some look bad due to compression.
  23. alticreation
    2015-10-05 13:44:00
    Hello EkDor, the plugin is changing the compression to 85%. If you do not want to change the compression ratio, you have to change this value to 100%. In the file located inside the plugin repertory : public/class-alti-watermark-public.php change the line : imagejpeg($image_requested, NULL, 85); by imagejpeg($image_requested, NULL, 100); Thanks
  24. EkDor
    2015-10-05 13:54:00
    Thanks. I found it and came to follow up. Thanks for quick response. Any chance of a setting so it doesn't get reset after an update.? Otherwise love your plugin. Much better than ones with more features. I like the easy to use un-bloated and un-damaging function.
  25. Johannes Huß
    2015-07-09 15:21:00
    Hi there, nice plugin, loving it so far. But I'm missing one important feature. There are images I don't like to have watermark on them.. So maybe some kind of filter would be a nice feature. In my usecase I would like to have watermarks only on images which are assigned to or displayed on a certain post type (product). Maybe a good idea for a feature? Thanks for listening! Johannes
  26. alticreation
    2015-07-09 16:05:00
    Hi Johannes, I agree this could be a good feature. But the way the plugin is made right now doesn't allowed to filter the way you want. I will try to improve this because it's something that a lot of people are asking for. Thank you for letting me know!
  27. Nina Alexander
    2015-05-15 16:19:00
    Hi! So I wonder if I should panic or wait: just installed the plugin on two absolutely identical websites (that use the same theme, plugins and so on). One of them has only few pics uploaded and it's all good. The other one however simply stopped showing pics... Is this because the plugin needs time? Should I panic or should I wait some more...
  28. alticreation
    2015-05-15 19:42:00
    Hi Nina, I guess your two websites are not hosted on the same server. One of them doesn't support htaccess or GD library. Don't wait and deactivate it. I'm sorry.
  29. Etchot
    2015-05-08 11:37:00
    Hi. I installed the plugin on this website ( but the watermark is not displayed. The server is meeting all required conditions (.htaccess and GD library) and no cache plugin is installed. The only special thing about this server is that the website is running on IIS. Could you check this issue, please?
  30. alticreation
    2015-05-13 09:04:00
    Hi Etchot, it seems that everything should be ok for you to make it works. I think you removed the plugin so I cannot tell you where is the problem. Did you have any error code ? Thanks
  31. Etchot
    2015-05-13 09:38:00
    Hi Alexis, I am afraid I did not remove the plugin. In fact it looks like the plugin is not running and I am not getting any error code. That is the reason why I asked you whether it could be the plugin was not compatible with IIS. Is there anything else I can check?
  32. rewalax
    2015-04-12 03:38:00
    the latest version of this plugin seems add watermark to every images on the server, how can I just add watermark to the images under the wordpress upload path(/wp_content/upload/)? plz help me,thank you!
  33. alticreation
    2015-04-12 16:17:00
    Hello rewalax, please read carefully the FAQ in this same page. Try to uninstall and then reinstall the plugin. The watermark plugin is made to be applied only on «wp-content/uploads/». I'm surprised that you have this kind of problem, and wonder how this is possible.Send me your url please if you couldn't fix the bug.
  34. yotetuiteo OFICIAL
    2015-04-09 10:53:00
    How could this plugin (which works perfectly, by the way) be applied to Nextgen gallery images?
  35. Lacey Charrene
    2015-03-28 05:46:00
    really unhappy right now. Just tried the plugin and I wanted a tiny watermark on my pic and now I have huge ones on my pic and it won't let me take them off. HELP please.
  36. alticreation
    2015-03-28 13:39:00
    Hello Lacey. What you experience here is that you put certainly put a huge image for your watermark and so, if the watermark is bigger size than the picture itself, the watermark will cover the entire image. You should change your watermark for a smaller size. The size of the watermark is unique for all images. Next, the watermark will disapear if you deactivated the plugin. You'll maybe see still the watermark because of cache issues (descibed in the description of the plugin, in the documentation and on the wordpress alti Watermark page. Apparently, you deactivated the watermark and now everything works. I hope it helps you. But first, I encourage you to read the documentation of any plugin you'll install, it will solve a lot of issue and save you time.
  37. Lacey Charrene
    2015-03-28 05:46:00
  38. Lacey Charrene
    2015-03-28 05:49:00
    and now my pic are gone oh man!
  39. rewalax
    2015-03-22 09:57:00
    do you now support add watermark on png files?
  40. alticreation
    2015-03-22 18:41:00
    Unfortunately not yet. But it should come soon ! As well as others improvements !
  41. gaborgabor
    2015-02-06 10:13:00
    I set "only on generated thumb 200px or more" but I see watermark on all images :( Is it a bug?
  42. Grant
    2015-01-16 21:25:00
    No other watermark plugin seems to work with WP V4, this is the first and only I have come across that does. However, a major problem - regardless which size I select in the settings (full size only, or above XXXpx), the watermark is applied to the smallest thumbnails (90px x 90px). If I set the size setting to above 500px height, it works perfectly - only .jpg images above 500px in height display the watermark - BUT the smallest thumbnails still display the watermark too.
  43. Andrew
    2015-01-24 20:52:00
    Welp, never mind... same thing as before. Guess I'll go with the PNG workaround.
  44. Sam
    2016-07-22 22:50:00
    I have this problem too. I love this Plugin, only problem is that my thumnails in my gallery display the watermark. No good, makes the image not enticing to click on since the watermark looks big on small thumbnails.. Im using in conjuntion with foogallery...could that be the problem? I have the watermark set for images larget than 1600 width...-Thanks
  45. Andrew
    2015-01-24 20:38:00
    I had a similar problem where some thumbnails under the size I selected were displaying the watermark. Disabling the plugin and re-enabling fixed it.
  46. Edwin
    2015-01-09 16:34:00
    Hi, Thanks for a great plugin. I just installed it and in the admin, the watermark appears on my images in the media library, but not on the images in existing posts. Is it supposed to show on images in older posts? Or does the watermark only appear on newly uploaded images?
  47. alticreation
    2015-01-09 17:29:00
    Hi Edwin, the watermark should appear in any images, even old one. You should try to empty your cache and try again.
  48. Edwin
    2015-01-09 17:45:00
    Thanks. I've done that and no luck. I've turned off all other plugins as well. The only other thing I can think of is that it is a private page at the moment. Would that make a difference?
  49. Matteo
    2015-01-05 17:09:00
    Hello, I'm trying to make the watermark on all pictures, it's shown on just some of them. may you help me?
  50. Jondor
    2015-01-03 15:12:00
    Hi.. Great plugin and it does exactly as advertised.. But.. Occasionally I have images I don't want watermarked. Because they aren't mine or because I made them downloadable as wallpaper and they already have an "watermark" text with reference to my site. Any chance for an on/off switch per image?
  51. Anthony
    2014-12-25 23:26:00
    I love this plugin and it is amazing how much time it has saved me. Is there a way to get the watermark off of specific images? in particular, I have it showing up over thumbnails even though I have selected that it be on full size images only. The link to see this specific problem is at thank you!
  52. WalterM45
    2014-12-19 03:15:00
    According to the description of the plugin and the comments, the watermark can only be applied to the top left corner and also the watermark is JPG format only, but the screenshot shows an image that is at the bottom right and it has a transparent background which cannot be produced in JPG format. The Screenshot is very misleading and should be removed or altered to show what the plug in can really do.
  53. alticreation
    2014-12-19 04:00:00
    Hello, sorry if the description is not clear. The plugin applies only on bottom right. And only on jpg images. Your watermark can be jpg, png or gif format. Sorry if it s not clear. Im available to help you.
  54. Hector Lopez
    2014-12-17 21:55:00
    ¿How I change the position of the watermark for top left corner?
  55. alticreation
    2014-12-17 22:57:00
    Sorry Hector, you can't for now.
  56. davet
    2014-12-17 18:47:00
    Hi - just installed the Watermark plugin. GD is installed according to phpinfo() and the .htaccess file has been successfully created in the uploads directory. I have set it to > 100px and uploaded an image. Unfortunately the watermarks aren't appearing. Not cache plugins are installed and I have tried different browsers. Website is Any advise to get it to work?
  57. alticreation
    2014-12-17 19:24:00
    Hi davet, In this picture I see a watermark : Is this ok ?
  58. davet
    2014-12-17 19:35:00
    Hi - yes that would be fine (perhaps better in the middle) - but I don't see it displayed on any of the images on the website. I'm a mis-understanding something?
  59. Karthik
    2014-12-10 11:12:00
    Hi, I have activated watermark plugin & added watermark image. But images in my site displayed without watermark. How to do this?
  60. Maria Ricci
    2014-11-29 09:10:00
    my url is I have deactivated the plugin. I've emptied the cache. I've even removed the cache! I removed the htaccessfile. I still have a problem with the watermark not being removed from my site. What do I do?
  61. alticreation
    2014-11-29 19:43:00
    Hello Maria, you should reset the cache of your plugin : WP-Super-Cache. Thanks.
  62. V_L
    2014-11-27 16:50:00
    Oops! This plugin does not support NGINX server...
  63. alticreation
    2014-11-27 17:33:00
    Sorry, not yet.
  64. JustMe
    2014-11-10 02:52:00
    After installing of an underconstruction-page plugin the watermark png image just disappeared from all the pictures. This is the plugin that I've used but then even though it's been totally deleted (I mean all the traces in the database were deleted too) it still contiuned not showing the watermark image. Any ideas why it is behaving like that and Is it posible to fix this problem and if so how?
  65. natka
    2014-10-24 20:11:00
    Hello - what can I do to check to see if my site is set up "correctly" to this plugin? When I enable this plugin, my images on my posts do not show anymore. When I disable it, they show again. What permisions should I have set, and what should be in my htaccess file? Thank you!
  66. MetteH
    2014-10-23 08:54:00
    Just like you have the "on generated thumbs of height = 100 or higher What about just being able to set it to a certain height? that one can pick by one self?
  67. South Under Car
    2014-10-22 22:20:00
    Does not even work, once activated all images stopped showing.
  68. Farrah
    2014-10-17 20:46:00
    Hi. I've installed this plug-in and I have also uploaded my watermark yet all my pictures seem to be the originals still. There is no sign of a watermark. (
  69. escapee2012
    2014-10-05 20:00:00
    I installed the plugin, I have the Portfolio Press theme. It only showed the watermark on the portfolio thumbnails on the homepage, but not on the large pictures in the post. I have deleted the plugin, yet the watermarks still show on the homepage thumbnails. I've cleared caches, deleted browsing history, yet they still show. I want it gone.
  70. alticreation
    2014-10-05 23:22:00
    I dont see any watermark on your website. Did you fix the problem ?
  71. Seawolf
    2014-10-02 21:48:00
    Hi, I'm using the plugin and seems to be a perfect answer to our situation, however it is applying it to all images that are visible on the web site as well. I thought this only applied them to images that were downloaded. Is there a setting somewhere that I'm unable to find to remove the watermarks from the actual displayed images on the web pages? Thanks for the great work and idea!
  72. alticreation
    2014-10-03 18:53:00
    Hi, any picture downloaded in the uploads folder will have the watermark. Any pictures that are visible in media gallery from your wordpress admin will have a watermark following the settings you chose on watermark admin page.. So if you host your logo, or other images needed by the website layout in the uploads folder, so YES, the images will have a watermark. Good practice is to separate images of the website layout in another folder that is inside the theme folder. Let me know if you have any other question.
  73. Mobile PC Rescue
    2014-09-26 15:23:00
    Great idea but you need to be able to turn it off for some images too, like the Header of your site :/ Looks stupid having a watermark on your site logo
  74. alticreation
    2014-09-26 16:08:00
    I agree, but to make it smooth and fast, the rules to apply the watermark are really few. Is a list of exceptions words in which watermark will not appear is a good idea ? Will it fix your problem for instance ?
  75. rewalax
    2014-09-14 08:05:00
    hi,i'm using Nginx server, .htacess file is not supported,how can i use this plugin on Nginx server?
  76. rewalax
    2014-09-15 03:16:00
    anybody here?
  77. alticreation
    2014-09-15 04:48:00
    Hello Rewalax, I'm sorry but there is no other way than create this htaccess file to make the plugin work. Sorry :(
  78. Jon
    2014-09-12 09:58:00
    Hi, uploaded a watermark but i no longer need it. I followed the instruction to deactivaite the plugin to diasble the image, however , this has not seemd to work? Could you please help me? I thank you in advance for the support. Jon
  79. alticreation
    2014-09-12 14:49:00
    Hi jon, If you deactivated the plugin, the watermark is no longer on your images. You are maybe experiencing a cache issue. Try to display your image again, or give me a direct link to an image which has still the watermark, I will check for you.
  80. Leandro Sebastian Riviello Are
    2014-09-11 22:35:00
    Hi! I installed the plugin, check for the GD Library (is enabled) and all my images are JPG, but I still cant see the watermark. My site is, please can you help me? Thanks!
  81. alticreation
    2014-09-11 23:23:00
    Hola Leandro, Everything seems to be properly set up on your website. I don't understand why it's not working. Can you check if an htaccess file has been created on your uploads folder ? If yes can you send me the content of this file to alexis @ alticreation dot com. I will try to help you !
  82. fufu
    2014-08-25 23:49:00
    Super plugin, très efficace. cependant, si les noms des fichiers image comportent des caractères "spéciaux" (par exemple : Countryside’s-stadium.jpg, Václavské-náměstí.jpg, etc...), alors le fichier ne s'affiche pas... Peut-être est-ce du à ma configuration de Worpdress, qui est somme toute très out of the box.
  83. alticreation
    2014-09-02 15:20:00
    Bonjour fufu, normalement tous les caractères sont supportés, mais il est possible que ce soit la cause du probleme dans votre cas. Il est parfois difficile de supporter tous les cas de figures, notamment les noms avec des caractères non standard. Pour rappel, il est preferable de donner un nom sans aucun caractere special aux fichiers. Merci du feedback,
  84. Adit Norma J. Daniel
    2014-08-15 15:43:00
    Hello something is wrong - attach a photo I cant upload thew water mark can you give me instructions please Thank you haead for this wonderful aid Norma
  85. Roland Gauthier
    2014-07-27 06:50:00
    Hi. After confirming that the GD library is on my server, and creating a .htaccess file in uploads, I activated the plugin and added my watermark image in the UI. Unfortunately, after reloading my site all my images were not found (broken link icons). My site is set up to have the wordpress folder in a /wordpress subdirectory. Is that compatible with your plugin configuration?
  86. alticreation
    2014-09-02 15:18:00
    Hi Rolland, the plugin is made to be compatible to any change in folder naming. Could you find a solution since then ?
  87. Kenny Ming
    2014-07-15 10:32:00
    How can I exclude one picture from getting watermarked. Like the header
  88. Eva
    2014-07-25 05:53:00
    Hi! I also have the same question, your work is working beautifully on my daddy's website (paintings you see) but there is a Header image, which is full size. Is there any option to exclude one image ? (Headers?) Manythanks.
  89. eva
    2014-07-25 06:27:00
    I just know that the plugin applied to JPG only, how about I save the Header as PNG? Will it be exluded? Well I have tested, that worked quite nice for me, the only drawback is that the PNG file is much larger than the JPG.
  90. Vlaoff
    2014-07-04 12:32:00
    Bonjour, j'ai installé le plugin sur mon site mais il ne semble rien faire. Pourtant j'ai bien la librairie GD (vérifié à l'instant) et le fichier htaccess est bien créé dans le dossier uploads. J'ai également vidé le cache et je n'ai aucun autre plugin qui gère les images. Que faire ? Voici une image hébergée sur mon site
  91. alticreation
    2014-09-02 15:16:00
    Bonjour Vlaoff, Je ne sais pas vous avez pu resoudre le probleme depuis. N'hésitez pas à m'en faire part.
  92. Warhangel
    2014-07-03 12:16:00
    If I enable this plugin, then on my website ( all the pictures stopped to show. When trying open any of them by click on it I get "Error 500." Disable all other plugins does not help. Changes that plugin makes an empty file /wp-content/upload/.htaccess I see. Primary file .htaccess - empty. Web Hosting Control Panel says that GD library is connected. What could be the problem?
  93. alticreation
    2014-09-02 15:21:00
    Hi, I don't really see where is the problem, given it seems you have the right setup to run it. I would think it is due to a conflict with another plugin that manipulate the .htaccess from the upload folder. But the Watermark plugin should remove the lines from the htaccess so that it doesn't break any other plugins. Could you fix your issue since then ?
  94. Warhangel
    2014-09-08 09:22:00
    Hi, No - still does not work :( And in the WP4.0 too :( And I have no other plug-ins that use the file .htaccess from the upload folder - I created it specifically after installing this plugin.
  95. Ian
    2014-07-01 04:24:00
    can i put the watermark in the middle
  96. alticreation
    2014-09-02 15:15:00
    Hi Ian, for now this option is not possible.
  97. Shiran Gonen
    2014-06-30 15:59:00
    Hi, Installed the plugin here: - but it doesn't seem to work
  98. Larry
    2014-06-24 03:19:00
    Hi, sorry but what is GD library?
  99. alticreation
    2014-06-24 17:22:00
    GD Library is a PHP module which can modify and create images with PHP. The module is most of time activated. It depends of your web hosting.
  100. NCG
    2014-06-22 19:41:00
    Hi, i have just install your plugin and set the watermark, but then when i download picture it didn't have watermark. Can't you help me? My site is: I have htaccess file in uploads directory and GD library enable. In setting, apply to images only fullsize.
  101. NCG
    2014-06-22 20:18:00
    Ahh, i clear the cache and it seem to be update, but like Crease below, the images in my site and the media library cant be found! I have to deactive your plugin then all my image display well again :(
  102. Ralph Sutton
    2014-06-20 17:10:00
    How do I get it to add a watermark to images in the featured or blog posts? Or does this only work on images in an online gallery?
  103. alticreation
    2014-06-20 20:50:00
    It works in any pictures that you upload in your upload folder. You have to know what is the size of your featured images to set correctly the height option of the plugin. For example, if your featured images are 450 pixels height you should set the option as following : Apply watermark on image with height > 400 px. Thanks.
  104. Ralph Sutton
    2014-06-21 01:27:00
    It's kinda weird - - I made a post - - on my actual wordpress site - no watermark.. but on the post that went to facebook automatically - it is there. Any thoughts?
  105. Crease
    2014-06-17 11:39:00
    I installed the plugin as it sounds perfect for what I need but once install some of the images in my site and the media library cant be found? What could be causing this? Image not found?!?
  106. alticreation
    2014-06-20 20:39:00
    Most of time it's due to a conflict with another plugin or a corrupted htaccess file presents in the upload folder.
  107. littlebluedeer
    2014-06-09 13:47:00
    Great plugin, thank you so much. I have the settings set to only generate the watermark on images larger than 300px but I noticed the full-size watermark is appearing on the thumbnails in full size below my sliders (using Royal Slider plugin), as on this page: Any way to disable watermark on the thumbnails there?
  108. alticreation
    2014-06-09 17:10:00
    Hi littlebluedeer, We have a small bug here ! To fix and make it works on your website you need to modify some lines in the htaccess.php file from the plugin. If you don't feel confident doing this I can send you the file so that you can test it. If it fixes your problem it will be included in the next plugin update. Thanks. PS : give me your email address, or send me an email at alexis -at- alticreation -dot- com .
  109. Subotai
    2014-09-16 06:09:00
    Hey there, I'm running todays update of the plugin, and having a similar bug to this. Although I have the settings set to only apply the watermark to the full size images, it puts it on all my thumbnails also. If this was fixed, and a facility to position the watermark added, life would be perfect. Ah well, we can but dream! C
  110. Adam
    2014-06-04 12:11:00
    Hi, Could you have a look at my site I have added your watermark plugin but it seems to only be added on the banners and the new series. All of the other images it will not work. Could you guide us please?! Adam
  111. michael
    2014-05-28 13:45:00, i donot why the watermark did not appear in my pictures. i have already installed it
  112. alticreation
    2014-06-02 17:52:00
    Hi Michael, I think you experiencing issues with the plugin because your images doesn't have clean name. For example, one of your images has the following caracters : 20140322_122814_调整大小1.jpg?resize=279%2C171 This is not supported by the plugin fr now. You need a name like : 20140322_122814_1.jpg It's important that you filename has to end up with «.jpg» and not «.jpg?something...». Tell me if it solved your problem.
  113. Steve
    2014-05-18 18:48:00
    Hi, What type of file do you upload when choosing a watermark?
  114. alticreation
    2014-05-20 14:48:00
    You can upload a JPG or PNG. If you prefer a transparent background for your watermark, create a PNG with transparent background.
  115. daniel
    2014-05-11 17:54:00
    Had the same problem, the watermark only shown on images that is content size width. If it's bigger and using timthumb, it doesn't show.. FYI I tried both settings - full image and show on thumbs larger than 300x. i think it had something to do with timthumb. Do i have to manually rebuilt thumbnail for this to work?
  116. daniel
    2014-05-24 06:08:00
    no response on my question alti? at least give me some clue on how to make this work
  117. alticreation
    2014-06-02 17:54:00
    Sorry for the delay. I think that there is a conflict with the «timthumb» plugin. Can you give a link to a page where you have the problem ? Thanks.
  118. naoise
    2014-05-08 05:48:00
    Hi, I have the same issue as posting below, the watermark is displaying on just a few images, but not on most. All images are jpg. Thanks in advance :)
  119. alticreation
    2014-05-08 14:44:00
    Hi naoise, can you send me your website url, so that I will try to find out what's the problem ? Did you try to empty your cache ? Thanks !
  120. Naoise
    2014-05-09 19:03:00
    Hi, thanks for reply. my website is: I'm afraid I don't know how to empty cache? I am quite new to all of this.. please note for the "make an oder" page the watermark is working as its functioning through a seperate app. Its just my main galleries "Dublin, Kildare, WIcklow, etc" where the watermark only works on 2, abye 3 images. Thanks alot for your time !
  121. writecharlie
    2014-04-28 15:15:00
    Some images are not displaying watermark, while others are. Am I missing something obvious??
  122. writecharlie
    2014-04-28 15:20:00
    I've just spotted what's gone on. This plugin only works with jpegs I'm guessing. It doesn't with pngs. I'll reformat them. Thanks for a great plugin :)
  123. alticreation
    2014-04-28 16:36:00
    Hi Writecharlie, yes, that's a limitation that has to be upgrade soon. Happy you enjoy the plugin ! :)
  124. Mike Jezz
    2014-04-28 10:36:00
    I have installed this plugin, but when I try to access a picture it says : "Warning: imagecreatefrompng() [function.imagecreatefrompng]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /home/www/ on line 40" I dont have a GD Library and I don't know what it is? Installation is pretty unclear.
  125. alticreation
    2014-04-28 14:47:00
    Hi Mike, if you don't have GD Library, you cannot use this plugin ! GD Library can be activated on your server. If you cannot do it yourself ask you hosting provider if he can activate this option. Sorry that you cannot use it properly :(
  126. Filipe
    2014-04-23 16:17:00
    Hi, Is there a way to only apply the watermark to certain post-types? where should I modify the plugin? thank you!
  127. alticreation
    2014-04-23 17:07:00
    Hello Filipe, No this is not possible for now. I'm sorry. It would be quite difficult and heavy to apply the watermark to certain post types. The watermark is applied automatically on any image on the uploads repository. And so it's not possible to know if an image belongs to a custom type, unless you give them a slug or a specific format with the «add_image_size» function. In this case I could help you modify the plugin ! Thanks.
  128. Filipe
    2014-04-29 17:41:00
    Hello again, Any news regarding this matter? Thank you!
  129. Filipe
    2014-04-24 09:35:00
    Thank you for your reply! In that case, a way to exclude de image from being watermarked would do just fine! maybe with a slug? or an option on the attachments page to exclude it? Regards
  130. jp
    2014-04-21 12:54:00
    Hi, any possible way to have watermark scale up and down according to image size? I have some thumbnails, and would like the thumbnail to also be scaled down. thanks
  131. alticreation
    2014-04-21 15:48:00
    Hi JP, I know this can be a problem when you have to manage with different image sizes. The scale up/down feature will come in a future version. For now this functionality hadn't been added because it slows down the display-time of images. But this is definitely an important option to include in the next version. Thanks.
  132. Salvador
    2014-04-12 18:14:00
    How can I move the watermark to the right-mid instead of having it in the bottom-mid?
  133. alticreation
    2014-04-12 22:00:00
    The simple trick is to create a png with a margin on the bottom of the watermark. This margin has to be transparent. That's should work ! Let me know.
  134. Dominique Viard
    2014-04-05 07:58:00
    Bonjour, J'ai installé votre plug-in mais rien n'apparait sur mes photos ... Pourriez vous indiquer ce que doit contenir le fichier htaccess ? je l'ai mis à la racine de uploaded. voici l'adresse de mon site Cordialement. D.V.
  135. alticreation
    2014-04-05 13:36:00
    Bonjour Dominique, Le fichier htaccess est généré automatiquement en fonction de votre configuration Wordpress et des paramètres que vous aurez choisi, je préfère donc que vous suiviez les étapes suivantes. Je vous conseille : 1. de désactiver l'extension Watermark. 2. de la réactiver. 3. d'appliquer le filigrane sur les images «full size». 4. de choisir l'image du filigrane. 5. de vider votre cache, c'est à dire le cache de votre navigateur web ET si vous utilisez une extension de gestion de cache, de la vider également. 6. de vérifier à nouveau si le filigrane est présent. Si ces manipulations ne fonctionnent toujours pas, je vous invite à m'envoyer le contenu de votre fichier htaccess qui doit apparaître à la racine du dossier «uploads», je pourrais ainsi savoir d'où vient le problème. Note : Si vous utilisez Filezilla comme logiciel FTP, assurez vous d'activer l'option «Forcer l'affichage des fichiers cachés» dans le menu «Serveur» de Filezilla, ceci afin de voir apparaître le fichier htaccess.
  136. Dominique Viard
    2014-04-06 08:33:00
    Bonjour Alexis, Rien à faire, j'ai eu une première fois une erreur d'acces. Mais le fichier .htaccess reste vide ... A quel adresse mail puis vous envoyer ce fichier ? Dominique
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